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Powerful Sound Output with Outstanding Clarity

From solo entertainers to touring bands, jazz clubs to houses of worship, for any situation that needs a quality sound system, Yamaha’s A Series speakers are worth a good look and listen. In addition to sounding superb and being capable of handling serious power, these speakers are light, compact and easily manageable when the system needs to be moved or reconfigured. They feature durable metal handles that will withstand nightly transportation, and are pole-mountable for optimum positioning in any room. Robust carpet covering and metal grilles are pluses, too, minimizing damage while looking downright handsome. But, of course, practicality isn’t the only issue.
You want great sound, too. The A Series speakers feature optimally matched high-power woofers, compression drivers, and constant-directivity horns that deliver your sound to every corner of the room with every subtle nuance intact. There’s also a range of five models to choose from, so you can create the system that is perfect for your touring or installation needs. One possible system is shown in the example below: a pair of A15 and A15W’s for the house and a
pair of A12M’s on the floor or wherever you need them to hear precisely what you’re playing or singing.


Yamaha A Series Speakers — Where Price and Power Matter

The all new A Series speakers are specifically designed and voiced for those who care about their sound. With sound quality, durability, and affordability set as design priorities, this new range of speakers delivers powerful sound output with great clar...

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