32-channel Digital Audio interfacing with CobraNet™ Devices

A 32-channel AES/EBU and CobraNet™ interface that facilitates construction of up to 64-channel audio and control networks with a LAN infrastructure.

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32 In/32 Out Audio and Control Interface
The NHB32-C is a 32 input/32 output channel interface unit for CobraNet™ and AES/EBU connections.
Use the NHB32-C to transfer control signals for the ACU16-C amp control unit, MIDI devices, or remote head amplifier (AD8HR).*
* Only one control type can be used at a time.

About CobraNet™
There is a growing need for large-scale audio systems, and with it the need for advanced networking technologies that can distribute high-quality audio quickly and reliably throughout large venues or open facilities with fully integrated control. CobraNet™ is a sophisticated technology that enables transfer of multiple audio and control channels via Ethernet cable.
As an integrated system, CobraNet allows digital data to be carried up to 100 meters* from one port to another device by common CAT-5/100Base-TX cabling, or up to 2 kilometers by optical fiber. It is fast, with constant 5.33ms latency**; it is reliable, thanks to built-in redundant systems; and, with the standard cabling and connections, it is remarkably easy to use and economical.
* The actual maximum length of cables may differ depending on the quality of the Ethernet equipment or the particular settings used.
** Low latency mode of CobraNet™ is now supported, which enables users to choose from 5.33ms, 2.67ms and 1.33ms.


Digital Transfer of Up To 32 Input and 32 Output Audio Channels

CobraNet™ is fully compliant with Ethernet, and is a highly practical solution for distributing audio and control data over a common Ethernet infrastructure. The NHB32-C features four separate 8-channel AES/EBU input/output terminals and uses CobraNet™ t...

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