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Xeno Artist ModelsXeno Artist Models

Many players spend their careers in the elusive search for the ideal trumpet. Even after tweaking their horns with custom-made lead pipes and other parts, these players struggle to find the sound they’re looking for. They don’t compromise in their playin...

Xeno Series

Xeno SeriesXeno Series

The Xeno Series represents a fusion of craftsmanship that involves outstanding instrument design, advanced technology, and the experience, talent, and dreams of respected artists around the world. These are trumpets that inspire. Their outstanding power ...

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C Trumpet, Bell: Yellow brass, 123mm (4-7/8"), Bore: ML 11.65mm (0.459"), Finish: Gold lacquer, Weight: Medium, Mouthpiece: TR-11B4



C Trumpet, Bell: Yellow brass, 123mm (4-7/8"), Bore: ML 11.65mm (0.459"), Finish: Silver-plated, Weight: Medium, Mouthpiece: TR-11B4



Standard Series, Medium-weight C trumpet, Yellow-brass bell, Bell: 123mm (4-7/8") , ML bore: 11.65mm (0.459 "), Finish: Gold lacquer, Mouthpiece: 11B4

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