Marching Brass

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Marching French Horns

Marching French HornsMarching French Horns

Yamaha is one of the world's leading manufacturers of french horns, and Yamaha marching french horns share many of the same warm tonal colors as our concert models.

Marching Baritones

Marching BaritonesMarching Baritones

Featuring a large bore for a deep and warm sound, Yamaha marching baritones are ideal for DCI style marching ensembles which have no trombones.

Marching Euphoniums

Marching EuphoniumsMarching Euphoniums

Yamaha marching euphonium include 'convertible' type which can be used for both concert and marching.

Marching Tubas

Marching TubasMarching Tubas

Despite its wide powerful sound, Yamaha marching tuba is actually lighter in weight than any other cmparable tubas.



Yamaha sousaphones are extremely well-balanced, making them easy to hold while marching.

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