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MULTI-Level, MULTI-Play, and MULTI-Purpose!

High-Quality Drum sounds and other instruments' sounds are coming by hitting the pads. In addition, you can record MIDI data when you connected it to a computer.

Drum mini Catalog [English] Drum mini CatalogPDF [18MB]
DTX-MULTI 12 Brochure [English] DTX-MULTI 12 BrochurePDF [734KB]

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MULTI-Level, MULTI-Play, and MULTI-Purpose!
- The most powerful, all-in-one percussion pad that suits anyone from a beginner to an expert, accommodating different levels of playing, a wide variety of playing styles and performance situations.

- DTX-MULTI 12 equips the 12 pads which are easy to be distinguished even at the dark stage. You can use the DTX-MULTI 12 in a variety of ways, such as using the percussion pad in combination with acoustic drums and percussion to accent music with a rich variety of voices, transferring data to the connected computer where you can compose music with the included "Cubase AI 5" program, and connecting a kick pedal (sold separately) to create as a compact drum set.

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MULTI-Voice and MULTI-Effect! -Preset Kit-

In addition to a broad spectrum of voices taken from the world renowned, flagship MOTIF series synthesizers, the DTX-MULTI 12 also features many new percussion sounds that have been collected through Yamaha's advanced sampling techniques and ready-to-use...

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