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AG Series

AG SeriesAG Series

AG is a multi-purpose, high-resolution mixer and USB audio interface designed to elevate the creative, audio experience for webcasters / podcasters, gamers, mobile musicians, music producers and more...



The latest in the bestselling 01V series, 01V96VCM features the "Channel Strip" VCM plug-in and the SPX's "REV-X" reverb as standard, and is perfect for everything from installations to music production and live-sound.

MG Series (CX Models)

MG Series (CX Models)MG Series (CX Models)

CX models with SPX digital multi effect.

MG Series (C Models)

MG Series (C Models)MG Series (C Models)

C models with improved utility.

MG Series (USB Models)

MG Series (USB Models)MG Series (USB Models)

USB models for live recording.

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Mixing performance and features directly inherited from the DM2000 and 02R96 in a rack-mount size console. Version 2 offers ESAM II support, Add-on Effects compatibility, and numerous other upgrades.



A complete redesign of the original 02R featuring DM2000 sound quality and a full complement of up-to-date control and performance features. Version 2 offers advanced production performance as well as Add-on Effects compatibility.

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