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Music eases your day.

Rest after your day with a new style audio.
It’s Entertaining.
Relaxing in the evening, invigorating in the morning.
With sophisticated styling and superb sound,
its an endlessly enchanting companion.

IntelliAlarm CD Digital Audio USB iPod Digital Connection made for iPod/iPhone

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.
Some colours may not be available in some countries.

If you listen, you will know.

If you know, you will follow.

If you follow, you will find.

Refuge for body, soul, and mind.



Enjoy a Musical Interior

With a sleek stand and minimal proportions, Restio looks like a work of art.
It was created by completely re-imagining the concept of a music source as part of the interior.

The independent body style makes music an interior design element, and beca...

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Life & Music Research Laboratory

Life & Music Research Laboratory

When you are happy or sad, Anytime Music can be your partner.We would like to think your precious time with music together.

Developer's Story

Key members of Yamaha AV component development teams talk about how and why they created various products.

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